Ternyata Anwar penipu… Menteri Turki sendiri beri penjelasan

KUALA LUMPUR: The Turkish Embassy here gave refuge to Parti Keadilan
Rakyat (PKR) de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim last week based
on humanitarian grounds, Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ali Babacan
clarified today.

He also emphasised that Anwar stayed at the
ambassador’s house and not at the embassy, as reported by several news

“There was no political aspect to it. It was 100 per cent based on
humanitarian aspects,” Babacan told reporters on the sidelines of the
Eight Developing Islamic Countries (D-8) Summit here.

revealed that Anwar “actually” applied to the embassy for protection as
the opposition leader was concerned about his personal safety.

“Our ambassador here opened his house to him (Anwar). He stayed at the
house for 26 hours and not at our embassy. When he (Anwar) felt
comfortable, he decided to leave the house on his own.”

On June 30, Anwar caused a stir when he sought refuge at the
Turkish embassy at Jalan Ampang here, claiming he had received death
threats, in the wake of a sodomy allegation made by his aide.


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  1. Begitulah…Yang benar pasti benar, yang dusta pasti diketahui jua akhirnya.
    Dah nampak dah…..
    Satu-satu Allah dah tunjuk. Semoga org Melay pun dah mula sedar dan buka mata & hati. InsyaAllah.

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