Saiful Letak Jawatan Sehari sebelum laporan polis di buat… tetapi kenapa?

Dated June 27, the email was sent to Anwar and PKR chief of staff Ibrahim Yaacob from Saiful’s Blackberry mobile phone at 3.01am.

The mail reads:

Nobody know (sic) what God decides for us. People come and go. After seeing the new office, I felt a sense of worry and repentance in me.

I’ve been reflecting upon myself in the past few weeks. This is the conclusion from my reflections of myself.

1. Indiscipline. Not punctual.

2. Unqualified. It will make it easier for your enemies to attack you and tarnish your image.

For the sake of your well being and the party’s, I regret to inform you that I am submitting my resignation as your private assistant effective today.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work. All the knowledge that you’ve bestowed upon me will be used as best as possible.

Anwar sent a reply at 6.28am which stated:

Thank you for continuing your services and (good luck with) your university education. You have served with sincerity, loyalty and commitment.

There is more knowledge to be gained. Haha.

Ibrahim will coordinate your tasks after this as best as he can.


3 Responses

  1. Anwar makin HOT….

    apa kata kita COOL kan dia….

  2. Kita tengoklah dulu siapa yang salah. Anwar pun ada perancangan dia sendiri, pihak kerajaan pun ada perancangan dia sendiri. Itu permainan politik. Siapa yang licik dia yang menang. Jangan pula masuk sebelah pihak je. Politik ni dia merentasi lojik. Dalam politik 1+2=4. Ia tak jadi 3. Jadi fikir-fikirlah jangan fanatik melayu sangat. Orang sekarang dah cerdik tak bodoh macam dulu.

  3. apa maksud BADIUZZAMAN jangan fanatik melayu? Apakah cretirianya yg ditakrifkan sbagai fanatik melayu? Supaya tidak terkeliru dengan rasa dan hak ketuanan melayu serta maruah diri melayu?

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