Surat dari rakyat biasa kepada TDM

Dearest Tun Dr Tun Dr. Mahathir,

I wonder why the Chinese took up with great intensity some issues such as meritocracy, independent judiciary, equal rights, freedom of media and oppresive laws. As we all know, these issues are less relevant to the majority of the citizens here in Malaysia.

One Malay politician mentioned that these issues are “rich people’s” issues. I have yet to see the Chinese took up other GREATER issues such as poverty, unemployment, expensive medical services/treatments and unfair income distribution.

Why are the Chinese took up the first few issues and not the latter? Easy. Because the latter issues do not benefit them. Why fight poverty when they do not suffer any kind of stark poverty like some of the Malays? Why they did not need to highlight issues such as expensive medical treatment? Coz they do not feel it is expensive that’s why. They can afford to buy insurance can’t they? Most Malays can’t.

They took up issues such as freedom of the media and meritocracy because these issues would benefit them the most. If the Chinese are sincere in equal rights, they should take up the more pertinent issues. But I reckon they will not. I remember your speech at a CIMA conference in 2005 where in a multi racial country, one race must not get 100% of whatever they want. Since this will lead to animosity between the races.

I truly believe that that is one of the best formula. No race should be left satisfied. Only then, we all can together work towards the betterment of our livelihood.

But unfortunately, some of the Malays were easily influenced by the calls of meritocracy and independent judiciary etc. as if these issues are the bread and butter issues of the majority Malays. They do not realized that they are being played right under their noses. If they do not fight for the plights of the Malays and instead fight for the issues brought forward by the Chinese, then who would protect the livelihood of the Malays themselves?

It seemed that the Malays have forgotten what they should fight for. And it is shameful that some of the so called UMNO ministers themselves are parroting these misdirected issues. It is bad enough we cowered under pressure by other races (especially the Chinese who had economic strength in Malaysia and now wants greater political powers too), but now we have our own people working against us. I’m sorry if I sound like a racist if other people are quick to judge. But this is what i feel and fear.

Some Chinese are believing that they should hold the highest political powers in Malaysia too. And they had the temerity to influence some Malays to drop the NEP. Did they honestly think all Malays will clap and cheer when Malaysia abandons the NEP? But some Malays did fall for it.

It seems that the idea of a ‘fair Bangsa Malaysia’ propagated by the DAP/PKR is ‘the Chinese hold highest political power in the land as well as bigger economic share’. I can safely say that the Chinese feel that Malaysia owes them a favor for years of ‘torture’ or being ‘2nd class citizens’ under the UMNO ruled Malaysia.

They may not say it out loud, but they indeed are acting out that this is the time they should get everything. They know they will win in every aspect. They are already leading in the private sector. I assume meritocracy will make them lead the public sector as well. Freedom of media will make other Malay newspapers died out. Independent judiciary will see top judges are Chinese. Reforms in oppresive laws such as Sedition Act will make the Chinese unstoppable in questioning the status of Bahasa Malaysia and Islam. All these consequences are not thought hard by the Malays who had easily been swayed by the Chinese.

On another note, I do not presume that the NEP should stay on forever, but in the wake of the global economic uncertainty, I humbly submitted that most Malays are not ready to face NEP-less Malaysia for not another 20 years.

We should start afresh with the new batch of Malay children born today. Proper education, balanced support from government, fair rewards for success and punishment for failures should be installed. Then, in 20 years time, they are ready to compete in an equal playground.

By the way Tun, I am not a racist. I am talking about the Malays who had abandon their background. Reality dictates that cultural and ethnic differences are difficult to shed. We made the decision not to assimilate all races under one ‘umbrella’ race (Malays) when we achieved our independence, but strived to be multi racial and respect one another. One has economic power, the other have political power. This kind of separation of power is good. Too bad one side feels they need to have higher political powers too. Indeed, I am sad. There’s nobody to look after my family and my children’s children when I am gone. As it stand now, we can’t even get the once fearless UMNO Youth to fight for our diminished rights.

Thank you Tun and may God bless you.


-Jebat Must Die?


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