DAP kafir harbi mula strategi untuk besarkan dan perbanyakan gereja

Saturday June 7, 2008
Proposed changes to non-Muslim prayer buildings in Selangor

SHAH ALAM: Non-Muslim places of worship in Selangor will have a higher annual allocation and the limit on the land size removed, under proposed changes to the guidelines.

Also proposed will be that all land earmarked for places of worship should not be located near oxidation pond, septic tanks, high tension wires or large drains.

State health, plantation workers, poverty and caring government committee chairman Dr Xavier Jayakumar said he felt the current RM3mil allocation from the state government was too small compared to its large population.
He said he would recommend to the state executive council to raise the amount substantially in next year’s budget but declined to reveal the amount sought for.

He added the current 930 sq m limit for the size and limits on height and length of the buildings should not be fixed because there were many things to be considered like the location and needs of the community.

“These matters should be decided through discussions between the communities and the local authorities and dealt with on a case-to-case basis,” he told a press conference yesterday after meeting representatives from various faiths at the state secretariat building.

The meeting was the third held with the representatives.
Also present was state local government, survey and research committee chairman Ronnie Liu.

Dr Xavier said he and Liu felt the current condition for a 0.4ha land allocation for non-Muslim places worship in major development was inadequate given the large population in such areas.

“In Bandar Botanic, Klang, for instance, half of the 0.4ha site was given to the Sai Baba followers, a quarter to Buddhists and the rest to Christians while the sizeable population of Hindus there do not have a place to build a temple,” he said.

He said the state government now had to find a suitable piece of land to build a temple in the largely developed area.

He added it was also drawing up guidelines for places of worship located at houses in residential areas so that they could be relocated and not breach local council regulations.

Representatives at the meeting yesterday were given a week to give their input after consulting their national bodies on the draft of changes given to them.

He said the state government was working as fast as possible to overcome weaknesses in the existing guidelines.

Dr Xavier also advised the public not to pass on SMS rumours about places of worship in the state being torn down without first verifying if they were true.

Dr Xavier also said that he and Liu had also directed all local authorities not to issue demolition notices or tear down places of worship without the approval of the state government.


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