DAP Kafir Harbi mula pertikaikan zakat

Nampaknya DAP kafir harbi ini mula mempersoalkan segala-galanya yang berkaitan dengan orang Melayu dan Islam. Mereka mempertikaikan kewajaran bayaran wang zakat direbet dalam cukai pendapatan.

Malah mereka menyuruh orang Islam membayar kedua-duanya sekali iaitu wang zakat serta cukai pendapatan secara penuh. Mereka mendakwa wang zakat tidak boleh digunakan oleh orang bukan Islam dan ini adalah tidak adil kepada mereka.

Saya yakin anda semua pandai membaca artikel dalam bahasa Inggeris, jadi tidak perlulah saya mengulas lanjut sikap kurang ajar golongan kafir harbi yang mula mempertikaikan Rukun Islam ini.


In Malaysia, there is an income tax. Money paid to “zakat” or the obligatory alm Muslims must give to the poor reduces the tax to be paid while money paid to other religions under similar circumstances is not given similar treatment:

it reduces tax only if the particular beneficiary has obtained such status from the government, which is difficult in practice. even then, if money is donated to a non-Muslim religion it is only deducted from the income on which the amount of tax is based, while zakat is deducted from the amount of tax itself. For example, suppose a person earning RM 50,000 owes a tax of RM 3,000, and donates RM 1,000 to his religion. If he were non-Muslim he would then adjust his assessed income to RM 49,000. If he were Muslim then he would only have to pay RM 2,000 as the RM 1,000 would be deducted from the amount owed.

Did you know that? Wow, that way I can avoid paying all tax, by giving to charities! I always felt that this country is run by taxes paid by non-muslims. This shows its true.

So the salaries paid to the mainly muslim government servants comes from taxes paid by chinese companies such as Genting (gambling profits), and others. The chinese restaurants and businesses that sell pork etc also pay taxes which ends up paying the muslim civil servants.

Taxed profits of companies that dont make money the Islamic way, also ends up being used to pay all salaries.

Wow….wonder if all that tax income is considered as kosher to be used for paying muslim salaries?


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  1. salam…

    boleh bagitau dari mana tulisan ni?

    cuba cari dia blog lim kit siang.. tiada tulisan ni mungkin tulisan pembaca.. boleh detailkan untuk post yg mana..

    terima kasih

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