Dalam Kenangan: “Surat Tun” kepada Israel satu Penipuan


“Letter” to Prime Minister of Israel

1. There is a letter being circulated purporting to be from me when I was Prime Minister, to Ehud Barak, Prime Minister of Israel congratulating him on his appointment and requesting for the “Clinton Fund”, for “the purpose of withstanding the onslaught of Islamic Fundamentalist in Malaysia”.

2. This letter is not from me or from my office. Firstly, the font used is not the same as the type in all my letters from the Prime Minister’s office.

3. The Malaysian Coat of Arms at the top is not similar to the one on all my letters from the Prime Minister’s office.

4. The address at the side of the Coat of Arms is not the same as on my official paper. Often no address is printed, only “Prime Minister Malaysia” on the top right-hand corner.

5. The contents of the letter is totally different from the one I sent to Ehud Barak. Unfortunately, the Government of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi refuses permission to reproduce my letters to Israeli Prime Ministers condemning them for their oppression of the Palestinians. This action by the Abdullah Government will lend credence to the letter that is being circulated.

6. I deny categorically that the letter which is being circulated with annotation “Sumbangan kakitangan JPM untuk Rakyat Malaysia” originated from me. This is the kind of dirty tricks that my detractors have to resort to because they have found nothing to blacken my name with.

Sumber Daripada Lain-Lain Pengulas:

jebatmustdie, di Mei 5th, 2008 pada 4:19 pm Kata:


After reading the letter, the first thing that came to my mind was ‘wow, this so called official government to government letter must have been written by someone unfamilliar with writing official letters. The language used was so informal I doubt its authencity.

What gave it away was the request in the 3rd paragraph, asking to convey a certain message to the US State Secretary, Mrs Albright.

Malaysia already has a direct diplomatic relations with the US, thus this request is quite redundant and time wasting. A leader of a country would not simply ask another leader of another country to do a chore which can be done in an easier way in the first place. Therefore, the request was done in bad taste.

Furthermore, in paragraph 4, I see no point in washing dirty linen in public whereby our then PM was trying to tell Ehud Barak the problems he was facing back home in trying to establish a diplomatic relation with Israel.

Lastly, you do not include other unrelated matters in a congratulatory statement letter. That is against protocol and normal official decorum.
The author of this letter was TRYING TOO HARD to convince us that he failed to adhere to the strict guidelines in writing official G2G letter, Thank you.
Orang Biasa, di Mei 6th, 2008 pada 12:07 am Kata:

Dengan Official Letterhead anything can be done.

Ada buku on Collection of Letters by Dr Tun Dr. Mahathir to leaders of the world kat MPH , cuba beli dan check gaya bahasa atau do some langauge forensics.

Hmm!!! Honorable is in American English lah, Dr Tun Dr. Mahathir being an “English Medium” educated person would definitely spell it as Honourable.

In the third paragraph however the author spell the word “honor” as “honour” as per UK English. A bit inconsistent!

Even Tony Blair would not change his spelling to please president Bush by using American English. English language users especially Dr Tun Dr. Mahathir takes pride in excellent English.

One obvious giveaway is that the “Author” of that letter could well be an American graduate or depended on Microsoft Word programmed with default US English but did not bother to correct honour to honor in the third paragraph!

British Educated people OR those who took MCE/HSC in the years before 1980 will tend to follow strictly to the British English. Even if Microsoft word insist “Emphasise” should be “Emphasize” or ” Specialise” should be “Specialize” we don’t care, those are American English.

You see my friend “It is elementary my dear Watson, says Sherlock Holmes” case solved.Kalu tak faham frasa (phrase/quote) ni, google up Sherlock Holmes dan siapa Watson tu. Sekarang ni semua ada kat internet, apa susah!


3 Responses

  1. Ini mesti kerja KJ la, dia graduate dari US, jadi dia terlupa nak kona

  2. ini la tahap pemikiran dan pengetahuan budak2 PAS nie…
    Geografi sure failed dulu… ader ke Oxford tu kat US…
    tapi mmg aku dah tau sgt tahap pemikiran budak2 PAS nie.. berlagak ajer pandai…

  3. sapa punya kerja tak kesahlah..
    yg saya rasa nak tahu sgt ada buat report polis ke? ni sepatutnye kira kes besar ni.. patut kena isa sapa yg buat…

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